DECOTILE SIZE  : 45cm x 45cm










1. Easy cleaning

In case of woven DECOTILE , not easy cleaning due to space between upside PVC fabric and bottom PVC tile. however our products welding very tightly and no space between two materials. So even very sticky liquid viscosity such as Ketchup or mayonnaise can remove with socked towel in easy way. Ofcause vacuum cleaner can remove all dusts on the flooring in easy way.


2. Anti-Fuzzing

This is very sensitive issue for flooring filed especially woven DECOTILE.

Current woven DECOTILE now issuing for fuzzing problem. Due to characteristic of woven DECOTILE, the yarns could be come out side after cutting the tile as time goes by. However our products will not come out side due to our high tech.

Our products not contain fiber glass, so not harmful for human body.

Some other products using fiber glass in order to prevent anti-fuzzing but in this

case not easy to cutting the woven DECOTILE. Our PVC woven DECOTILE do not

used any fiber glass materials at all. So it is eco friendly and easy to cutting for

flooring installation.


3. Slip Resistant

This PVC woven DECOTILE not slip well and can install in-door and out-door



4. Easy cutting and installation

Easy cutting by knife when install the tiles for flooring.

Cutting section is very clean after knife cutting , so installer feel very easy to

set for cutting.


5. Upside PVC fabric has certifications as below

5years warranty / UV resistant / Flame retardamt ( NFPA701 & B1 ) / Anti Molding / Non-toxic Heavy metal free / Phthalate free / VOC free / Formaldehyde free / Green Guard.


6. Tile size

Thickness 3mm and 45Cm x 45Cm size.


7. Small quantity available

MOQ : 300 SQM per design.